Jared Goff House: His Next California Compound Drops $8.6 Million on Neighboring Residence

Jared Goff House

Jared Goff, despite the Detroit Lions’ challenging football season, has showcased an undeterred real estate pursuit. Records indicate that the prominent quarterback recently invested $8.6 million in acquiring the residence adjacent to his off-season California home, as reported by Robb Robert Magazine.

Originally constructed in 1952, the house underwent significant remodeling in the early 1970s. According to tax records, the property last changed hands in 1976 for a mere $105,000—an astounding investment that now benefits the heirs of the recently deceased longtime owner.

Because the property was never officially on the market, details are scarce, and visual documentation is nonexistent. However, a perusal of records reveals the approximately 3,500-square-foot L-shaped structure situated on a relatively spacious 10,000-square-foot lot in tightly-packed Manhattan Beach.

The house encompasses four bedrooms and four baths across two full floors of living space, featuring an attached two-car garage and a semi-detached accessory structure with an additional two-car garage and an upstairs space, possibly for storage or guest living quarters.

While Jared Goff’s intentions for the new property remain unclear, the house, with its outdated and unattractive appearance—characterized by bleak, towering walls and extensive beige stucco—seems destined for a comprehensive renovation or outright reconstruction.

Goff’s real estate portfolio isn’t limited to his West Coast havens. He also maintains a luxurious estate in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, near the Detroit Lions’ training facility, showcasing his dedication to his professional life. However, his Californian digs hold a special allure, reflecting his evolution and passion for the Pacific coast.

Contrasting the unappealing aesthetics of the newly acquired property, Goff’s main residence next door is a lavish Mediterranean-style mansion. Purchased for $10.5 million in the spring of 2023, the mansion, combined with the neighboring house, grants Goff ownership of nearly half an acre of prime Manhattan Beach real estate—albeit landlocked.

Beyond his expanded Manhattan Beach compound, Goff holds ownership of an ocean-view Hermosa Beach home, procured a few years ago for nearly $6 million. Additionally, Goff and his fiancé, Christen Harper, maintain an estate in the upscale Bloomfield Hills suburb of Detroit, which is utilized during the football season.

With this latest acquisition, Jared Goff has cemented his status as a shrewd real estate investor and solidified his ties to the sun-drenched California coast. As speculation swirls about the future of his expanded beachfront compound, one thing is certain: the QB’s next move is sure to make headlines.

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