Shaun White Net Worth and here’s How He is Making skateboarding and Style

Shaun White Net Worth

THE FLYING TOMATO! That’s the perfect nickname for Shaun White. His distinctive red hair stands out when he is doing his business.

Shaun White Net Worth: $65 million

He is one of the most successful and highest-paid Olympians representing America, and his current net worth is almost $65 million.

Full NameShaun White
Nick Name Animal, Flying Tomato
Gender Male
Net Worth$65 million
Birth DateSeptember 3, 1986
Age 37 Years
Nationality American
Height 5 ft. 8 in
About Shaun White’s Net Worth

Short Summary

  1. Shaun White is an Olympic gold medalist and American skateboarder.
  2. Shaun reportedly has an estimated net worth of $65 million.
  3. He acquired the majority of his financial wealth through his basketball career, by way of salary, endorsement, and sponsorship.

Who is Shaun White?

Born and bred in California, Shaun Roger White is a veteran American snowboarder and skateboarder. He had his fair share of success in the Olympics, as he is a three-time Olympic gold medalist in half-pipe snowboarding. 

This snowboarding legend has the most X Games gold medals by a snowboarder. Furthermore, he also holds the record for winning most Olympic gold medals by a snowboarder.

What is Shaun White’s Net Worth?

Shaun White is one of the highest-paid Olympians. So you can pretty much guess that he has plenty of money in his pocket. His net worth is $65 million, which means he is the richest snowboarder you will find today.

Name Shaun White
Main Source of incomeSnowboarding, Skateboarding, Endorsements, 
Other Sources of IncomeReal Estate, Acting
Salary$10 million per year
Current Net Worth$65 million
Shaun White’s Sources of Income

Athleticism is just one aspect of White’s income. He is good at acting and has made cameo appearances in different movies, TV series, and reality shows.

Furthermore, he also made a truckload of money from endorsements. He recently signed a contract worth $10 million for We Are Camp Stake.

Shaun White also invested in real estate. Truth be told, he is quite successful in this area as well. In Malibu, he paid $8.94 million for a house back in 2014. In 2020, he sold it for $11.8 million.

In 2017, Shaun earned $6.7 million by selling his 4,500-square-foot Hollywood Hills home. He also did real estate in New York.

Shaun White’s Early Life and Family

Shaun White was born to a humble family. He was born in San Diego, California, and he was the youngest child of Cathy and Roger. Shaun’s mom was a waitress and his dad worked for the San Clemente, California, water department.

Unfortunately for Shaun, when he was born, he was diagnosed with a Tetralogy of Fallot. It is a congenital heart defect. Because of that, he had to go through two open-heart operations. The terrible thing is that he was not even one year old when he had those operations.

Shaun White’s Skateboarding Career And How Much it Contributes to His Net Worth

Shaun White’s Skateboarding Career

At a very young age, White showed promise in skateboarding. Tony Hawk (a professional skateboarder) was impressed with Shaun’s talent, and he mentored him. At the age of 16, Shaun went pro.

Skateboarding is just one aspect of Shaun White. At the age of six, he was into snowboarding. His brother influenced him on this matter. At the age of seven, he got his first sponsorship. That just shows us how talented he was.

As most of you know, White was very successful in his career, as he was the first athlete to compete and win medals in both the Summer and Winter X Games. He reigned supreme in both skateboarding and snowboarding.

In total, Shaun competed in 5 Winter Olympics. His major Winter Olympic accomplishments are-

  • Winning Gold Medal in the 2006 Winter Olympics
  • Winning Gold Medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics
  • Winning Gold Medal in the 2018 Winter Olympics

After the 2022 Beijing Olympics, Shaun White called it a day and retired.

Shaun White Quotes

“You show up at the Olympics and you are no longer you; you are an American Olympian. You are part of this greater whole, and the individual does not matter.”

“The hardest thing about skateboarding is consistency. The slightest flick of your foot or gust of wind can send your board flying, so it’s anybody’s game out there.”

“You take a crash, you get back up, and next time you succeed and that’s a great feeling”

What You Can Learn From Shaun White’s Financial Success?

Shaun White was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, Tetralogy of Fallot, in his youth. However, this did not stop him from pursuing his passion for skateboarding.

He went on to win the gold medal for himself and America in skateboarding. Not just one medal, but three gold medals in the Olympics, which is a record in skateboarding history.

So, In my opinion, Will Power and Determination are the number one takeaway from his success story. If you’re willing, you can achieve it. A disease or inability won’t stop you like him. If you can master it, you will be indomitable, and financial success will just be a byproduct of that.

Final Thoughts on Shaun White’s Net Worth

Shaun White is not your typical athlete. He is a versatile guy with so many talents. He is the sort of guy who makes things happen. If you want to be a millionaire before 30 with your skateboard, then this is the guy you definitely should follow.

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