Bishop Vance Oldes: Know His Net Worth, Bio, Age, Daughter, and Wife

Bishop Vance Oldes Net Worth

Bishop Vance Oldes is a pastor, preacher, and author. He has quite a famous personality on social media. His net worth is around $5 million.

Bishop Vance Oldes Net Worth: $5 million (Estimated)

Full NameBishop Vance Oldes
Net worth$5 Million
Source of wealthSalary, Book Sales, and Business profit
BirthdaySeptember 15, 1965
Last update$5 Million
About Vance Oldes and his wealth

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Short Summary

  1. Bishop Vance Oldes is a pastor and religious leader.
  2. He became famous during the COVID-19 pandemic for his skating video.
  3. Different sources claim that Bishop Vance Oldes’ net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Who is Bishop Vance Oldes? 

Bishop Vance Oldes is a pastor, preacher, skater, author, and businessman. He is a multi-talented person. 

Bishop learned skating very early. His mother played an important role in teaching Bishop to skate. Bishop Vance Oldes has been skating for 45 years. 

How did Bishop Vance Olds become famous?

He suddenly became famous on TikTok because of his skating videos. It was when he went on vacation during the pandemic. That time, his wife recorded his skating video and uploaded it online. The very next day, it goes viral. 

He has become more famous for his talents as a preacher, businessman, and author. Besides, he is also a singer of God’s worship songs.

What is Bishop Vance Oldes’ Net Worth and income sources?

Bishop Vance Oldes’ net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. It’s very difficult to calculate all his earnings resources, but here I’ll discuss his most highlighted resources. His earnings mostly come from book sales, donations, business ventures, and his salary from church.

He owns a church called Liberty House International Ministries.  He has a fashion brand named Ad-Vance Collezioni. Furthermore, he even offers an e-curch system online. Also, Vance Oldes earns quite enough from all these.

Bishop Vance Oldes’ Early Life and Career, and Their Impact on His Net Worth

Bishop Vance Oldes was born and raised in a preacher family in Washington, DC. He got salvation in 1975 when he was 10. He went to Bob Jones University. During his studies, he became a priest and became a famous preacher. 

Later, he joined different churches and spread his thoughts. In 2012, he got a theology degree from Washington Baptist Seminary. 

Drawn to preaching in 1994, he found his calling and was ordained a Baptist minister in 1998.

His faith blossomed in 1994 when he began preaching, culminating in his ordination as a Baptist minister in 1998.

He is not just a preacher: he’s got some serious musical talent. Vance Oldes belts it out and worships God with his whole heart through his music ministry.

On October 9, 2019, Bishop Glen A. Staples consecrated him as a Bishop in the Lord’s church.

Personal Life: Vance Oldes Wife

Bishop Vance Oldes and his wife

Bishop Vance Oldes is married to Nicole Oldies. She is the first lady of Liberty House Ministry. Together, the couple has a daughter named Lundyne Oldest.

Short questions about Vance Oldes’s family and personal life-

Does Bishop Oldes have kids?

Bishop Oldes has one daughter, named Lundyne Oldes.

How old is Bishop Vance Oldes’ wife?

The name of Vance Oldes’ wife is Lundyne Oldest. She is 59 years old. Lundyane Oldest (Vance Oldes’ wife) was born on June 9, 1966.

How old is Bishop Vance Oldes?

Vance Oldes is 58 years old in 2024. He was born on Sept. 15, 1965.

how long has Bishop Vance Oldes been married?

Bishop Vance Oldes has been married to Lady Nicole Oldes since June 25, 2005.

The comeback of Bishop Vance Oldes

Despite finding faith early on, his life took a dark turn into drugs and crime. Behind all the success, at a very young age, Bishop was addicted to drugs and cocaine. He was so addicted that he even stole money from his own family to get high. He said that he knew that it was wrong, but drugs fully controlled him, and he couldn’t get out of it.

One day, he got arrested while skating and selling drugs in his neighborhood. To him, it was not an arrest. It was rescue. After that, he becomes fully recovers from the clutch of addiction. Thus, he made a comeback to his life and a divine spark rekindled his spirit, setting him on a path of redemption.

Author Bishop Vance Oldes: He writes books too!

Bishop Vance Oldes has written a book named “From Cocaine to Collar: There is hope for everyone to recover.”  Here, he shares his life struggles and his life lessons. Here, he tells how God helped him to come back from drug addiction and his success story. This book is an inspiration for everyone who is complaining about life.

Is Bishop Vance Oldes Active on Social Media?

Besides, he is a content creator on social media. He has 786k followers on Instagram, 180k followers on Facebook, 1.7k on Twitter, and 1.4 million followers on TikTok.

Where is Bishop Vance Oldes Church located?

Vance Oldes’ church is located in Hyattsville, Maryland.

Final Thoughts-How Rich is Bishop Vance Oldes?

Bishop Vance Oldes’ net worth is $5 million. He is a multi-talented guy. He became successful because of his talents and belief in God. Not only that, but he helps people daily through his work and tries to spread the light of peace.

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