What is Slim Thug’s Net Worth and How He Made It?

Slim Thug Net Worth

A multidimensional businessman and a gifted rapper, Slim Thug is a veteran in the world of rapping. With a $2 million net worth, most people wouldn’t mind having that money.

Slim Thug Net Worth: $2 million

Full NameStayve Jerome Thomas
Stage NameSlim Thug
Birth DateSep 8, 1980
Age43 Years
Height1.981 m (6 ft. 5 in)
Last Update2024
Overview of Slim Thug

Short Summary

  1. Slim Thug (Stayve Jerome Thomas) is a famous American Rapper with a net worth of $2 million.
  2. Slim Thug makes money from rapping, music performances, and endorsements.
  3. His massive hits like “Still Tippin” and “Check on It” made him famous.

Who is Slim Thug?

Stayve Jerome Thomas (also known as Slim Thug) is a talented American rapper who is well-known for his contribution to the world of music (especially in the rapping industry). 

He was born on September 8, 1980 (age 43 years), Houston, Texas, United States.

How Did Slim Thug Become Famous?

Slim Thug’s rise to fame wasn’t overnight. He honed his skills through local freestyles and Swishahouse mixtapes, then landed verses on massive hits like “Still Tippin’” and “Check on It,” rocketing him onto national stages. But Slim Thug wasn’t just a guest star; his solo debut “Already Platinum” solidified his top-tier status.

Savvy business moves like forming his label and ventures outside music cemented his reputation as an independent pioneer, while his dedication to Houston hip-hop earned him respect as a scene legend.

What is Slim Thug’s Net Worth?

Slim Thug is in the entertainment business. In the entertainment world, if you have the skill, passion, and craft, it won’t let you down. When it comes to skill and passion, Slim Thug had plenty of them.

What is Slim Thug's net worth?

So you can pretty much guess that he earned a lot of cash. His net worth is $2 million.

Main Source of IncomeRap Music
Other Sources of incomeEndorsements
Current Net Worth$2 million
The table shows the income, liabilities, and net worth of Slim Thug

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How Does Slim Thug Make Money?

His main source of income is rapping. However, he is also an entrepreneur. He has invested in real estate, fashion, and technology, and all of these things have increased his net worth.

How Does Slim Thug Spend His Money?

He is a wealthy fellow, and he likes to spend money on cars, jewelry, and houses.

Slim Thug’s Early Life and Career

The image portrays the Slim thug's music career.

Born and raised in Texas, Slim Thug started showing his talent at a young age. At the age of 17, he performed at local high school parties. Granted that it wasn’t the biggest platform to showcase his talent, but one could say that the foundation was laid at that time.

His rap slim thug career started in the late 90s as he joined Swishahouse. After a while, he left Swishahouse and created Boss Hogg Outlawz (his independent label).

As he got older, he got better and better. In 2005, his career took a turn when he released his first album, Already Platinum. In a way, it shaped his career, as 130,000 copies were sold in its first week. It also earned the second spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Slim Thug’s popular hit “Still Tippin”

In 2009, Boss of All Bosses (Thug’s second solo album) was released. However, it was not as successful as the first one. 

In 2010, he released Tha Thug Show. In 2013, he released “Boss Life,”  and in the same year, he released his first Extended play, “Welcome to Texas.”

Slim Thug’s Personal Life and Controversy

Slim Thug had a relationship with LeToya Luckett (a singer and an actress). They dated for almost 10 years. They had their ups and downs in their relationship, which they talk about on Youtube.

Slim Thug has a son named Dreux Mason. But for some reason, he does want to disclose the identity of the mother.

In 2010, Slim Thug made some controversial statements regarding the treatment of black men by black women.

Slim Thug Sons

Slim Thug has one confirmed son, whose name is Dreux Mason. Kobe and Stavye are older, details about them are scarce, and the fatherhood often remains unconfirmed. Dreux, the youngest, was born in 2012 and occasionally appears on Slim’s social media.

From False Claims to Fatherhood Fears: Inside Slim Thug’s Paternity Controversy

For rapper Slim Thug, the past decade has brought highs and lows, from chart-topping collaborations to a chilling legal battle that froze his bank account and threatened his reputation. 

This story, however, isn’t about soaring beats or blinged-out chains, but a more personal saga: the paternity controversy that cast a shadow over his role as a father.

In 2012, a woman alleged that Slim Thug, whose real name is Stayve Jerome Thomas, was the father of her child born 11 years prior. This claim, stemming from a brief encounter before his rise to fame, sent shockwaves through his life. Authorities, acting on the accusation, froze his bank account, placing a significant financial strain on the rapper.

Slim Thug, however, vehemently denied the allegation. He publicly declared his innocence through a series of Twitter posts, laced with coarse language and a defiant tone. This approach, while resonating with some fans, drew criticism for its vulgarity and potential disrespect towards the woman making the accusation.

Despite the public outcry, Slim Thug remained resolute. He demanded a DNA test, a request the woman initially refused. 

This, coupled with his frozen bank account and the threat of a hefty child support bill, intensified the pressure. Finally, a court intervened, mandating the DNA test.

The results were conclusive: Slim Thug was not the father. His bank account was unfrozen, the legal cloud lifted, and a significant emotional burden eased.

FAQs about Slim Thug’s Personal Life

How many kids does Slim Thug have?

Slim Thug has only one confirmed child, according to our research. The Networth Rant Team could not independently verify or find any reliable sources to support the claim of two other children.

Who is Thug dating?

Slim Thug’s current relationship status is not publicly confirmed.  

Past relationship with LeToya Luckett: Slim Thug and singer LeToya Luckett were in a long-term relationship from 2001 to 2006. They were even engaged for a time, but ultimately called it off.
Recent rekindled connection: Some fans have speculated about a possible rekindled romance between Slim Thug and LeToya Luckett based on their interactions at events and online exchanges.

Slim Thug’s Quotes on Success and Income

  1. “I see myself being 5 times hotter than I am now every year. I just focus on being hotter than the year before.”- Slim Thug
  2. “I always say if you can’t buy it three times over, you can’t afford it. Don’t drive a Bentley on a Benz income.”- Slim Thug

What happened to Slim Thug?

Slim Thug, now officially going by Big Slim, is still active! While he may not be dominating the mainstream charts like he once was, he’s been busy with various projects.

Here are some recent developments about Slim Thug-

  • Name change: In July 2022, Slim Thug announced he’d go by Big Slim, reflecting his personal growth and evolution.
  • New album: He released a new 11-track album titled “BIG Slim” in July 2022.
  • Performances: He continues to perform regularly, including appearances at Juneteenth celebrations and other events.

Where is Slim Thug now?

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact location of his residency because it’s a private matter. However, he is publicly known to reside primarily in his hometown of Houston, Texas.

Is Slim Thug Married?

Slim Thug is not currently married. While he has been romantically linked to several women throughout his career, he has never officially tied the knot. He has spoken openly about his preference for enjoying relationships without the legal commitment of marriage, although he hasn’t ruled it out as a possibility in the future.

Some rumors surfaced in 2020 suggesting he was married to a woman named CeCe, but these were quickly debunked. Slim Thug himself clarified that while CeCe is a special person in his life, they are not married.

Slim Thug siblings

Slim Thug has Siblings. He has a nephew named Dreux Mason, a sister named Raquel, and a pal named Raymond Thomas.

Did Slim Thug Change His Name?

At the age of 41, Slim Thug introduced a new stage name-Big Slim. 

After his name change, Slim Thug said this, “I’m growing into a new person, I’m 41. I don’t want to be called Slim Thug … It just doesn’t fit. I ain’t thugging out. So, I wanna be Big Slim now. I got big plans.”

However, most people still call him Slim Thug.

Final Thoughts on Slim Thug’s Net Worth

To make a name for yourself in the rapping industry takes work. With so many talents out there, one needs to hone his skills and dedicate himself to push further. That is exactly what Slim Thug did. 

He had the skill and passion to reach the top. He had his ups and downs. Not all of his songs were well received. But a good chunk of his songs were popular among rap fans.

And, thanks to his music, he has already made an estimated net worth of $2 million as of now.

FAQs about Slim Thug

Who is Slim Thug’s son and siblings?

Slim Thug has three sons: Kobe, Stavye, and Dreux Mason. Kobe and Stavye are older and details about them are scarce. Besides his sons, Slim Thug has older siblings, creating a large and close-knit family he affectionately calls the “Boss Hogg Baby.”

What is Slim Thug known for?

He is an American rapper and undoubtedly an influential Hip Hop artist of his generation.

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