Shaun White’s Partnership with Josh Harris and David Blitzer Seals $10 Million Deal for We Are Camp Stake

Shaun White’s Partnership with Josh Harris and David Blitzer Seals 10 Million Deal for We Are Camp Stake

Olympic snowboarding legend Shaun White, in collaboration with Josh Harris and David Blitzer, has made a strategic move to secure a controlling stake in We Are Camp, an Oregon-based hub pivotal in shaping action sports luminaries. The deal, valued at $10 million, marks a significant investment for the trio, as disclosed by insider sources to Front Office Sports.

Expressing his honor and excitement, White announced, “I’m honored to officially partner with We Are Camp along with Josh and David. I’m excited to step in and help elevate a place that’s so special to me, so come June, you’ll know where to find me!”

This venture follows Harris’s successful investments in major sports franchises such as the NFL’s Washington Commanders, the NHL’s New Jersey Devils, and the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers.

The infusion of funds into High Cascade, the renowned summer snowboard camp, underscores White’s unwavering dedication to nurturing emerging talent in extreme sports. Despite achieving global fame, White’s commitment to institutions instrumental in his career showcases a profound dedication to the roots of snowboarding.

Shaun White’s remarkable journey from snowboarding standout to global celebrity finds a new chapter in his active participation in initiatives benefiting the industry, including this strategic investment in We Are Camp. By doing so, White not only upholds the legitimacy of influential institutions but also ensures that aspiring athletes have the resources and opportunities necessary for their development.

His enthusiastic announcement on Instagram, “I’m beyond excited… I’ll see you there!” encapsulates the spirit of this collaboration.

The move by Shaun White, alongside Harris and Blitzer, exemplifies how accomplished athletes can leverage their influence and financial resources to make a positive impact, contributing to the continued growth and prosperity of their respective sports.

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