Peter Moore Net Worth — How Rich is the Business Executive?

Peter Moore Net Worth

Peter Moore is a British-American business executive. He is famous for his career in the gaming industry. Moore has amassed tremendous wealth. His net worth amounts to $9.5 million.

Peter Moore makes money from his business executive career and business investments. He has worked in top positions at many famous companies.

Peter Moore Net Worth: $9.5 million (£8,84m)

So, he has quite an important personality. In this article, you are going to learn everything about Peter Moore’s career, how much he makes money, and his net worth.

Peter Moore Net Worth
Full namePeter Moore
Net worth$9.5 million (£8,84m)
Source of wealthBusiness, Business Executive Career
BirthdateMarch 16, 1955
BirthplaceLiverpool, England
Last Update2024
About Peter Moore and his wealth


  1. He is best known for his time with Microsoft and EA Sports, where he helped promote the Xbox and Xbox 360
  2. In 2017, he became the CEO of Liverpool FC, where he helped the club win the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League
  3. He has an estimated net worth of $9.5 million.
  4. He has earned his wealth through his successful career in the business world, including his time at Microsoft, EA Sports, and Liverpool FC
  5. He has held various executive positions at Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Liverpool Football Club.

Who is Peter Moore?

Peter Moore is a famous business executive. Formerly, he directed the Xbox and Xbox 360 game systems at Microsoft. 

He was at Reebok and the CEO of Sega. He works as Electronic Arts’ chief operating officer. He was also the chief executive officer of Premier League club Liverpool. Not only that, but he had been at the club for three years.

How much is Peter Moore’s worth?

Peter Moore’s net worth is $9.49 million. He earns his money from different sources, especially as a professional business executive. He has worked for different companies. Also, he has shares in different companies as well. Furthermore, he was a shareholder of EA Sports.

Moore has worked for different football clubs in recent times. From there, he earns a good amount. Right now, he is working for Unity Technologies.

His lifestyle and assets are unknown. However, he has his own house. And, in 2020, he sold his house for £2.35 million, which he and his wife bought in 2017 for £1.75 million.

Peter Moore and his dog in front of his house

He is very private about these factors. But he leads a luxurious life.

Peter Moore’s Career and its Impact on His Net Worth

Peter Moore is a successful businessman. He has worked as a top executive for companies including Microsoft, EA, and Liverpool FC. Moore is a sports lover who likes time on the golf course and court. And he cheers for Liverpool FC with all his heart. 

Peter Moore Net Worth

Moore is the senior vice president and general manager for Unity Technologies. By the end of the year, he had joined the boards of directors of Nifty Games and Motorsport Games.

Here are some of the businesses he served throughout his career:

1. Sega

Moore joined Sega of America. Moore’s knowledge of video games was highlighted by his kid having a Sega Saturn. 

Moore immediately became a key figure in Sega’s North American business. Sega of America announced that Stolar had been replaced, placing Moore in charge of the launch. Peter Moore saved Saga and brought it back from near death.

In 2000, Moore was promoted to president and COO of Sega of America.

2. Microsoft

Moore was hired by Microsoft in 2003. The hope is to increase Xbox’s profitability against Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Nintendo’s Game Cube. Moore became famous at Microsoft for flaunting Halo 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV. 

According to reports, Moore has also backed Nintendo’s Wii console over Sony’s PS3, saying customers may get an Xbox 360 and a Wii-60 for the same price as a single PS3.

3. EA Sports

In 2007, EA announced that Microsoft executive Peter Moore was going to join EA to lead the sports branch. In changes after 2011, Moore was elevated from his position as EA Sports President to chief operating officer. 

Moore was named “Chief Competition Officer” when Electronic Arts opened a new competitive gaming division in 2015.

4. Liverpool FC

Moore resigned from Electronic Arts in 2017 and was later named chief executive officer of Premier League club Liverpool. Moore walked down from his position as CEO, and the club promoted Billy Hogan to executive president and chief marketing officer. During his time there, the club won the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League.

Finally, Peter Moore’s illustrious career in numerous well-known businesses has undoubtedly contributed to his considerable wealth and net worth.

Early Life and Peter Moore Bio

Peter Moore was born in Liverpool, England. He got his bachelor’s degree from Keele University and his master’s from California State University, Long Beach. He started working at Patrick USA and Reebok for a long time.

His personal information is unknown. He likes to keep his personal life private.

💡 Lesson from Peter Moore’s Wealth and Career Success 

Life Lesson from Peter Moore’s Career success

Peter Moore’s wealth and net worth journey provides valuable insights into the importance of education, experience, passion, diversification, risk-taking, and hard work in achieving success in the business world. 

Moore’s successful career in the gaming and sports industries, including his time at Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Liverpool Football Club, shows that education and experience are important for career growth.

His passion for sports and dedication to his work demonstrate the importance of pursuing what you love. Moore’s diversification of his career portfolio and willingness to take calculated risks have led to new opportunities and financial success.

🤑 How Can You Make Money Like Peter Moore?

To make money like Peter Moore, it is essential to follow some key principles. Firstly, education and experience are significant for career growth.

Secondly, passion and dedication to your work can help you find success.

Thirdly, diversifying your career portfolio and taking calculated risks can lead to new opportunities and financial success. 

Last Thoughts on Peter Moore’s Net Worth

Peter Moore has become part of every company he has joined. He is a talented personality for Sega, Microsoft, EA, etc. He has a foundation of his own. He also donates to people to help them. He is connected with different volunteer works. His net worth is around $9.49 million. As he has stock market shares, this number changes every moment.

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