Kevin Gates Net Worth: A Shocking $1 million? (Here’s a Breakdown)

Kevin Gates Net Worth and How He Makes Money

In 2023, Kevin Gates had a net worth of $1 million. This includes his luxury cars, lavish houses, jewelry, farmhouses, businesses, investments, etc. Most of his earnings come from his singing career

Kevin Gates Net Worth: $1 million

He is a famous figure for his life-related raps and heart-touching albums. Once upon a time, Kevin had more to own, but his legal issues made him drop his net worth.

Full nameKevin Jerome Gilyard
Net worth$1 Million
Source of wealthSinger, Rapper, and Entrepreneur
Age37 years
Last Update2024
About Kevin Gates

Short Summary

  1. Kevin Gates has a net worth of $1 million which is low.
  2. He likes his partner to pee on his mouth during sex.
  3. Kevin Gates was in jail for several years. (Learn why Kevin was in jail)

Who is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Gates is a famous American singer and rapper from Louisiana. In 2007, he achieved recognition with his first album, “Pick Of The Litter”. 

Now he is entertaining everyone with his commendable songs and raps which made him one of the most successful rappers. 

What is Kevin Gates Net Worth?

Kevin Gates’s net worth is $1 million. By profession, he is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. As a public figure, he has different brand sponsorships and performances. He earns quite from there. 

He gets $50,000 for a musical concert. He earns from his music albums and concerts. He is also good at songwriting and producing. He has his own clothing brand

Kevin has a big investment in real estate. He has an 11,000-square-foot living space in Florida. He has a house in Baton Rouge and a farm in Calabasas. He mainly lives with his family in Los Angeles. The price is $500,000. 

Along with all these, he is a car lover. He has quite a big car collection. Lamborghini Urus, Chevrolet, Bently, McLaren GT, etc. included. He also earns from social media platforms as well. 

Right now, he has a mansion, cars, a business firm, investments, and bonds. Besides, his source of income plays a role in his net worth which comes from his singing, rapping, business, and investments. 

Kevin Gates’ worth is substantially lower than other rappers. Learn why Kevin Gates net worth is so low.

How Does Kevin Gates Make Money?

Kevin Gates mainly makes money from his singing career. He achieved a lot from his albums, concerts, business, etc Starting from mixtapes to merchandise, he earned $12 million so far. 

His endorsement deals with Beats by Dire, Nike, etc. are also a source of his income. 

How does Kevin Gates Spend Money?

Kevin Gates spent the most on his cars and jewelry. He also admitted that he bought jewelry for $2.5 million. Also, he bought a mansion in Los Angeles where he lives with his family. He also donates and contributes to needy people. 

What Are The Assets Kevin Gates Owns?

Kelvin Gates owns a mansion in Los Angeles, California. Right now, he lives there with his family. Besides, he owns many luxurious cars, like McLaren GT, Lamborghini Aventador, Rolls Royce Wraith, and many more. He is also running a business, a Kevin Gates store that sells hoodies, posters, shirts, etc. 

Reports say that Kevin Gates made investments in many reputed organizations. Also, he has made endorsement deals with IDGT Energy Drink and I Am T-Pain by Smule.

Year over year income and net worth growth of Kevin Gates

YearIncome Net Worth
2023$622.5K$1 M
Kevin Gates’s Income & net worth growth

So, how much is Kevin Gates worth?

After calculating his assets and liabilities it appears that Kevin Gates has a net worth of $1 million. His music and rap have been a great source to make his net worth.

Does Kevin Gates have a low net worth?

Kevin Gates has so much popularity that anyone would expect a high net worth of him. He made $12 million only from his songs. 

Also, his investments and business helped him to get a lavish lifestyle. Now his net worth is $1 million which is a bit surprising for us. 

He mainly focuses on the lavish lifestyle instead of saving which made him lose his high net worth. 


After graduating from college, Kevin Gates stepped into the music world. He signed his first work to the Dead Game Records in 2005. Then in 2008, he depicted his two mixtapes which took a place in his fans’ hearts. 

Kevin Gates net worth
Kevin Gates performing

His determination for rapping made him earn success in 2012. Later in 2013, he signed a contract with Atlantic Records and released many mixtapes. 

Kevin Gates came into recognition after the release of the Luca Brasi story. He gained commercial success too from his songs. Also, collaboration with other famous rappers has made his mixtapes more thrilling. 

Early Life and Biography

Kevin Gates, the renowned singer and rapper was born on 5 February 1986, in Louisiana. He graduated from McKinley High School and earned a Master’s degree in psychology from Baton Community College. However, Kevin had an unpleasant childhood as his father passed away at that time. Also, he was engrossed in crimes and got arrested when he was 13.

Kevin Gates got married in 2015 to his girlfriend, Dreka Haynes. They both have two children, named Khaza and Islah. Before dating Dreka Haynes, Kevin Gates had many girlfriends. 

Interested about Kevin’s wife? Explore- how much Dreka Gates is worth and how she makes money.

In fact, he claimed that he dated two women simultaneously, also he is the father of many other children. Now Kevin Gates lives happily with his legal wife and children in Los Angeles. 

Many awards and achievements paid off Kevin’s hard work. He received the MTV Video Music Award in 2017. Also, he was nominated for the BET Hip Hop Award for his music, “Really Really”. 


There is never-ending controversy for Kevin Gates. A recent controversy is when Kevin Gates said in an interview that he likes it when his woman pees in his mouth during sex. 

Also, in a podcast, he admitted that he had sex with his cousin. He went viral because of his aggressive sexual acts, especially onstage. Also, he speaks very openly about his sexual exploits.

Where Does Kevin Gates live in Mississippi?

Kevin Gates resides in Summit, Mississippi, where he and his wife, DrekaGates, manage a family farm. Together with their children, they lead a peaceful life in this charming community.

Life Lessons From Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates saw a lot in his entire life. He lost his dad at an early age and got arrested at 13. Besides, he was arrested in 2003 for stabbing a person in the theatre due to an argument. 

He was also sentenced to prison in 2013 for gun charges. In 2016 he was arrested again for misbehaving with a fan in concert. All this turmoil affected Kevin Gates’s net worth badly. 

Kevin Gates Quotes

  • “When you stand for something, you’ve got to stand for it all the way, not halfway.”
  • “True wealth is not of the pocket, but of the heart and the mind.” 
  • “Wise men change; fools stay the same.”
  • “Without true pain, one could never know true happiness.”

Kevin Gates social presence

He is active on all the popular social sites. This includes Facebook, twitter, instagram. He has a youtube channel as well.

He has a massive amount of following in all of them, especially on YouTube he has more than 8 million subscribers.

Final Thoughts-Kevin Gates Net Worth

It doesn’t matter what the worth of Kevin Gates is, he is always going to be a gem for his outstanding songs. However, his net worth has unbelievably dropped to $1 million since he gave many pause due to legal issues. Now his earnings from singing, business, houses, cars, jewelry, etc. contribute to his net worth. 

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