Khaza Kamil Gates- Net Worth, Facts, and More (2024)

Khaza Kamil Gates net worth, bio , facts

Khaza Kamil Gates’s Net Worth is $1.5 million from his parents’ net worth. He is the son of the popular singer Kevin Gates and the social media influencer, Dreka Gates. 

Full nameKhaza Kamil Gates
Known asKevin Gates’ Son
FatherKevin Gates
MotherDreka Gates
SiblingIslah Koren Gates
Net Worth$1.5 million
Source of wealthInherent
BirthdayMay 10, 2014
Age9 years
Last update2024
About Khaza Kamil Gates

Who Is Khaza Kamil Gates? 

Khaza Kamil Gates is the son and youngest child of Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates. Kevin Gates, the popular rapper, made a song, “Khaza” dedicated to his son, Khaza Kamil Gates. 

Khaza Kamil Gates Facts

  1. Khaza Kamil Gates is the son of Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates.
  2. Khaza is 9 years old now. (As of 2024)
  3. His father is a rapper and his mother is an Entrepreneur.

Khaza Kamil Gates Profile Summary

Khaza Kamil Gates, born on May 10, 2014, is the first son of American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur Kevin Gates and his wife, Dreka Gates. Khaza is a part of a plant-based family that advocates a natural and chemical-free lifestyle. 

He was born at home through a water birth in Atlanta, Georgia. His zodiac sign is Taurus, reflecting qualities of determination and practicality.

Khaza Kamil Gates

Khaza’s name is intriguing. “Khaza” signifies a gift from God, and his middle name, “Kamil,” means the perfect one. Khaza has an elder sister, Islah Koren Gates. Both Khaza and Islah were born at home through water births, aligning with the family’s commitment to a natural and chemical-free lifestyle.

Dreka Gates, Khaza’s mother, is also one of Kevin Gates’ booking managers. She played a crucial role in Kevin’s career. When Kevin expressed his desire to become a full-time rapper, Dreka embarked on a journey to gather knowledge about the industry. The couple founded the Bread Winner’s Association record label in 2010, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

Khaza Kamil Gates has already made a mark on Instagram, amassing over 41.8K followers. His influence even led to his father writing a song named after him. Embracing Islam like the rest of his family, Khaza, known to dislike washing his hair, has a playful side, referring to himself as “Maui” when his hair is down.

Despite his mother’s busy schedule as a booking manager, Dreka ensures to spend quality time with her children. The family, including Khaza, often travels together, enjoying vacations and adventurous activities. Kevin Gates, a loving father, frequently engages in fun activities with his kids, taking them to concerts, tours, and memorable trips, such as their visit to Disneyland.

What Is Khaza Kamil Gates Net Worth? 

Khaza Kamil Gates is still a 9-year-old child dreaming about his career. He doesn’t have any source of income or personal acquisition. However, Khaza’s net worth is counted on his parents’ net worth which is $1.5 million. 

Assets: What Does Khaza Kamil Gates Own? 

As said before, Khaza Kamil Gates does not have any source of income as he is still a child. He gets everything from his parents. So his assets are those which he gets from Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates or gifts from relatives. 

How Does He Spend His Money?

Most of the expenses of Khaza Kamil Gates go on his tuition fees, clothes, going to amusement parks, playing games, and so on. 

Cumulative Net Worth Of Khaza Kamil Gates

So, the cumulative net worth of Khaza Kamil Gates is $1.5 million which is the doings of his parents. 


Khaza Kamil Gates is still a child who has a whole life left to see. He is on the journey of deciding his career. Most probably, he will choose to be a musician like his father, Kevin Gates. 

Early Life And Biography

The early life of Khaza Kamil Gates is ongoing. However, he was born on 10 May 2014. His parents belong to New Orleans, Louisiana, so Khaza also belongs there as he lives with his parents. Khaza Gates has an elder sister, Islah Korean Gates. She is 2 years older than Khaza. 

On 17 June 2022, Kevin Gates released a song named, Khaza. This song was after his son’s name and dedicated to him. 

Who Is Khaza’s Mother? 

Dreka Gates, the social media star is the biological mother of Khaza Kamil Gates. 

How Much Is Kevin Gates’s Net Worth? 

The famous singer and rapper Kevin Gates’s net worth is $1 million. 

Who Is Kevin Gates’s Wife Now? 

Kevin Gates tied the knot with Dreka Gates, and they are still happily married.

Wrap Up

If we consider the earnings of the couple, Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates, their child Khaza Kamil Gates’s net worth is $1.5 million. This 9-year-old child doesn’t have any source or earnings, he gets whatever his parents provide him. 

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