Edwin Hawkins Net Worth: How Rich Was The Bachelor Singer?

Edwin Hawkins net worth

Edwin Hawkins net worth is $1 to $5 million. He was one of the richest American gospel singers of his time. His music career was the main source of his earnings and net worth. 

Edwin Hawkins net worth: $1-$5 million

Full NameEdwin Reuben Hawkins
Net Worth$1-5 million
Source Of WealthGospel singing
Last Update2024
About Edwin Hawkins

Short Summary

  1. Edwin Hawkins never married.
  2. He had an estimated net worth of $1 to $5 million.
  3. His contribution to gospel music earned him four Grammy awards and listed him in the Christian Music Hall of Fame.

Who Is Edwin Hawkins? 

Edwin Hawkins is a famous American gospel singer, composer, vocalist, pianist, arranger, and choirmaster. 

He was the leader of Edwin Hawkins Singers and one of the arrangers of contemporary gospel sound. After arranging the “Oh Happy Day”, Edwin Hawkins became one of the favorites of the public. 

What Is Edwin Hawkins Net Worth?

Edwin Hawkins net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. His singing career helped him to achieve a high net worth. 

Sources of Income: How Edwin Hawkins Made Money?

Edwin Hawkins was a legendary figure in the soundtrack. His career was not only his passion but also his source of income.  

Overall Net worth of Edwin Hawkins

The overall net worth of Edwin Hawkins is $1-$5 million.


Edwin Hawkins was fond of gospel music since his childhood. It was about 1967, he was the co-founder of the Church of God in Northern California along with fifty members. He recorded his first album in Ephesian Church of God, named “Let Us Go In The House Of The Lord“. 

Edwin Hawkins Performing
Edwin Hawkins Performing

His group completed an annual choir in 1968 and came to second position. Afterward, Edwin Hawkin and his group recorded “Oh Happy Day” in 1969, which was a hit for that generation. 

They achieved international success after coming into the pop charts of Canada, the UK, the USA, and many other countries. 

Early Life And Biography

The famous gospel singer Edwin Hawkins was born on 19 August 1943, in Oakland, California. He joined his family gospel group at the age of seven and played the role of keyboardist. 

Edwin Hawkins likes to keep his personal life confidential. He rarely spoke about his dating and marriage in the media. 

Anyway, Edwin Hawkins won four Grammy awards for his Soul Gospel performance and Chorus Album. 

Who Were The Members Of The Edwin Hawkins Singers?

Edwin Hawkins was the leader of Edwin Hawkins Singers. Some of his group members were Batty Watson, Walter Hawkins, Tramaine Davis, Elaine Kelly, Rueben Franklin, La Mount Bench, and many more. 

What Happened To Edwin Hawkins? 

Edwin Hakin had pancreatic cancer in 2018. That’s why this famous singer couldn’t survive and is no longer between us. 

How old was Edwin Hawkins when he died?

Edwin Hawkins was 74 years old before his death. 

Was Edwin Hawkins Married?

There is so much speculation about Edwin Hawkins’ marriage—whether he ever married and who was Edwin Hawkins’s wife.

However, according to our research, we haven’t found any public evidence or records about his marriage. That being said, Edwin Hawkins was never married.

Final Thoughts

Edwin Hawkins net worth was between $1-$5 million before he took his last breath. His music is still alive among his fans. Also, his singing career made him reach a high net worth. 

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