Johnny Damon Net Worth: Contract, Wife, Hall of Fame, House & More

Jhonny Damon net worth

Johnny Damon, a renowned American professional baseball outfielder, has an estimated net worth of between $60 million and $70 million. His 18-season (1995-2012)  career included significant spells with the Kansas City Royals and New York Yankees. 

Johnny Damon Net Worth: $60-70 million (Estimated)

Read till the end as I will share Johnny Damon’s net worth, contracts, family, and chances in the Hall of Fame.

Short Summary

  • Johnny Damon has an estimated net worth of $60-70 million.
  • His wealth includes income from his professional sporting salary, real estate, assets, and other investments.
  • Johnny Damon played himself in the Oscar-nominated baseball movie “Moneyball”, alongside Brad Pitt. 

Who is Johnny Damon?

Johnny Damon is a retired American baseball outfielder, known for his dynamic playing style. Damon’s journey began with the Kansas City Royals in 1995. 

Who is Johnny Damon?

Damon won two World Series and is celebrated for his significant career achievements. His career earnings exceeded $120 million ($110m from Salary), with an additional $10m income from endorsements.

What is Johnny Damon’s Net Worth?

According to research by Networth Rant in 2024 Johnny Damon’s net worth is estimated at $60-70 million.

Full NameJohnny David Damon
Date of BirthNov 5, 1973 (50 years old)
NationalityUnited States of America
Sources of IncomeBaseball Athlete (Outfielder)
Monthly Income$4,00,000+
Yearly Income$6 Million +
Total Asset Value$60 Million
Yearly ExpensesNot disclosed
Total LiabilitiesUnconfirmed
Net Worth$60-70 Million
About Johnny Damon’s Net Worth

Johnny Damon’s Income and Salary

Johnny Damon’s Income and Salary
  • Baseball Salary: During his 18-year MLB career, Johnny Damon amassed a career salary of approximately $110 million. This includes salaries from all ten teams he played for, with the biggest contracts coming from the Red Sox, Yankees, and Tigers.
  • Endorsements: Damon’s popularity and energetic personality made him attractive to brands. He secured deals with companies like Nike, Pepsi, Upper Deck, and PowerBar, estimated to have brought him around $10 million in his career.
  • Post-retirement ventures: While the specifics aren’t public, Damon likely earns income from speaking engagements, appearances, and involvement in various baseball-related projects.

Total Asset: Johnny Damon’s Real Estate, Mansion, and more

  • Real estate: Damon owns several properties, including a waterfront mansion in Orlando, Florida, and a vacation home in Arizona. This property is solely worth almost $30 million.
  • Investments: Based on interviews and reports, it’s likely Damon has diversified his wealth through investments in stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments.
  • Memorabilia: Damon’s extensive baseball career means he likely possesses valuable memorabilia, like game-used bats and jerseys, which could hold significant monetary value.


The data regarding liabilities generally remains private for individuals. However, based on the publicly available data and using the common financial situation of retired athletes, here are the possible liabilities Johnny Damon could have-

  • Taxes: Retired athletes can face significant tax bills on their past earnings and investment income.
  • Child support: Damon has eight children, and if he has child support obligations, it would be a recurring expense.
  • Legal fees: Athletes sometimes face legal disputes, and associated legal fees could be a liability.

However, Johnny Damon likely doesn’t have to pay a mortgage cost since he owns the house.

Johnny Damon’s MLB Baseball Contracts 

According to this source – Johnny Damon’s contracts in baseball career look like these-

  • 2011: 1 yr / $5,250,000 (UFA in 2012)
  • 2010: 1 yr / $8,000,000 (UFA in 2011)
  • 2006-2009: 4 yrs / $52,000,000 (UFA in 2010)
  • 2002-2005: 4 yrs / $31,000,000 (UFA in 2006)
  • 2001: 1 yr / $7,100,000 (UFA in 2002)
  • 2000: 1 yr / $4,000,000 (UFA in 2001)
  • 1999: 1 yr / $2,100,000
  • 1998: 1 yr / $400,000
  • 1997: 1 yr / $240,000
  • 1996: 1 yr / $160,000

Johnny secured lucrative endorsements with brands like Nike and Gillette.

Net worth: So how much is Johnny Damon worth in 2024?

As of 2024, Johnny Damon’s net worth is estimated to be around $60-$65 million, reflecting his successful career in Major League Baseball and earnings from endorsements and other ventures.

Net Worth Growth Projections of Johnny Damon

Johnny Damon’s net worth is expected to grow $90-$100 Million in the next 10 years, driven by his baseball earnings, investments, and business ventures, with potential fluctuations in line with market dynamics.

Johnny Damon’s Early Life and Family

Johnny Damon is a former American professional baseball player. He was raised in a military family. That’s why his early years involved frequent moves, including time in Japan and Germany, before settling in Orlando, Florida. 

Damon’s father, Jimmy, was a U.S. Army staff sergeant, and his mother- Yome, is originally from Thailand. He overcame a childhood stutter and excelled in baseball during high school.

Johnny Damon’s Wife And Children

Damon married Angela Vannice, his high school sweetheart, in 1992. They had had twin daughters In 2002.

In 2004, they got divorced and then he married Michelle Mangan in 2004. This couple has six children.

Johnny Damon Net Worth

Johnny Damon’s present wife is Michelle Mangan. They got married in 2004, and they have been together since then.

Johnny Damon and Hall of Fame

Johnny Damon has not been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Here’s what happened:

  • He first became eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2018.
  • He received only 8 votes (1.9% of the ballot) and was therefore dropped from future consideration.

This low support can be attributed to several factors, including:

  • Lack of standout statistics: While he had a solid career with 2,769 hits and 2 World Series wins, his numbers didn’t quite reach the level of most Hall of Famers.
  • Inconsistency: His performance fluctuated throughout his career, with several productive seasons alongside some less impressive ones.
  • No MVP awards or major individual accolades: He lacked certain prestigious achievements that often boost Hall of Fame chances.

Johnny Damon and Savannah Bananas

Johnny Damon played for the Savannah Bananas, a popular exhibition baseball team, showcasing his enduring skills and love for the game in a fun, entertaining environment.

What Does Johnny Damon Do Now?

Post-retirement, Johnny Damon engages in charity work, and public appearances, and occasionally participates in media and reality TV shows, maintaining a presence in the sports and entertainment world.

How Can You Apply Damon’s Success Journey to Real Life?

Damon was a hard-working person. His talent and obsession with Baseball made him one of the legends of MLB. Even though as a well-established person, he is in touch with many charity organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project. We can learn determination from his successful life.

Final Thoughts about Jonny Damon’s Wealth

Johnny Damon’s baseball career was astonishing. His lucrative contracts have significantly contributed to his net worth of $60 Million. As he ventures into investments and business, his financial growth remains promising. 

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