Tramaine Hawkins Net Worth: How Rich Is The Gospel Singer?

Tramaine Hawkins net worth

As of 2024, Tramaine Hawkins has a net worth of $5 million. She is one of the most popular and richest gospel singers in America. She had a growing net worth because of her singing career. 

Tramaine Hawkins Net worth: $5 million

Full NameTramaine Anzola Davis
Net worth$5 million
Source of wealthSinging
Last Update2024
About Tramaine Hawkins

Who Is Tramaine Hawkins? 

Tramaine is a famous American Gospel singer who shared five decades of her singing career. Her birth name is Tramaine Aunzola Davis, now Tramaine Aunzola Richardson. Tramaine Hawkins is her professional name. She is the winner of a Grammy awards.

What Is Tramaine Hawkins’s Net Worth? 

Tramaine Hawkins is one of the richest gospel singers with a net worth of $5 million. It includes her salary, bank balance, house, cars, etc. 

Sources Of Income: How Does Tramaine Hawkins Make Money? 

Since childhood, Tramaine Hawkins used to sing and this was her passion. In her entire life, she made money and success through her songs.   

So overall Net worth Of Tramaine Hawkins

Her career helped her to have a good net worth of $5 million. 


The Heavenly Tones group that Tramaine had in her childhood, made an album “I Love The Lord” in 1966. Then in 17, Hawkins recorded “Oh Happy Day”. 

Tramaine Hawkins

Also, she was featured as a soloist with Walter Hawkins. She was signed for “Light Records”, “Changed”, “Highway”, and many more songs. With her good range in vocals, she came to recognition and became a favorite to her fans.

Awards and Achievements

The Grammy-nominated singer has won two Dove awards, two Stellar awards, and two Grammys since 1966.

Early Life And Biography

Tramaine Hawkins was born on 11 October 2011, in San Francisco, California. She spent her childhood in the Ephesians church and her grandfather used to be a pastor there. 

She had a gospel group with her friends, named Heavenly Tones. This group used to perform at different venues in San Francisco and Oakland. 

Tramaine Hawkins married Walter Hawkins in 1971, and they got divorced in 1994. They had two children, Trystan Hawkins and Walter Jamie Hawkins. 

Now, she is married to Tommie Richardson Jr. She, her husband, her stepson, and her step-grandsons now live together in a house in Sacramento, California. 

Tramaine won awards for the Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album and Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album. Also, she won 19 Stellar Awards and two Doves. 

Walter and Tramaine Hawkins’s marriage

Walter and Tramaine Hawkins were married from 1971 to 1994. They had two children together, Walter Lee “Jamie” Hawkins, Jr. and Trystan Lynette Hawkins.

Both Walter and Tramaine were talented gospel singers, and they often performed together. Tramaine was a featured soloist in Walter’s Love Center Choir, and she also released several successful solo albums.

The Hawkins’ marriage was not without its challenges. In a 2014 interview, Tramaine spoke openly about her divorce from Walter, saying that it was due to “infidelity and other issues.”

Despite their divorce, Walter and Tramaine remained friends and continued to support each other’s careers. Walter Hawkins passed away in 2011, and Tramaine Hawkins continues to perform and record gospel music today.

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Who is Tramaine Hawkins married to now?

Tramaine Hawkins is married to Tommy Richardson. She has one step-son with him. 

How long was Tramaine Hawkins married to Walter Hawkins?

Tramaine Hawkins married Walter Hawkins in 1971. They led a married life for 23 years, and in 1994 they got divorced. 

Was Walter Hawkins ever married?

Walter Hawkins was only married to Tramaine Hawkins from 1971 to 1994.

Tramaine Hawkins Age

As said before, Tramaine Hawkins was born on 11 October 1951. She is now 72 years old. 

Did Walter Hawkins have children?

Walter Hawkins had two children with Tramaine Hawkins. They are- Walter Hawkins Jr. and Trystan Hawkins. 

Is Walter Hawkins Still Alive? 

Walter Hawkins is no more. He took his last breath on 11 July 2010.

Is Tramaine Hawkins still alive?

Yes, Tramine Hawkins is still alive and kicking. And, as of 2024, she is 72 years old.

Does Tramaine Hawkins Have children?

Tramaine Hawkins had one son and one daughter with Walter Hawkins. Now she has a stepson with Tommy Richardson. 

How old is Tramaine Hawkins now?

Tramaine Hawkins is 72 years old now. 

Where is Tramaine Hawkins now?

With her husband Tommie Richardson Jr., she lives outside Sacramento, California.

Life Lesson

I think there are two key takeaways or life lessons that could be drawn from Tramaine Hawkins. Individuals interested in the net worth of others are likely to build their own as well. Like Tramaine Hawkins, they need passion and persistence.

  1. Passion: Just as Tramaine Hawkins was deeply passionate about gospel music, find a field or industry that truly excites and motivates you. Passion fuels your drive to excel, innovate, and withstand the challenges that come with building wealth. When you love what you do, it’s easier to stay committed for the long term.
  1. Persistence: Tramaine Hawkins’ success didn’t happen overnight; it was the result of years of hard work and persistence.

Final Thoughts- Tramaine Hawkins Net Worth

By entertaining the public with soulful music, a powerful voice, and a unique style, Tramaine Hawkins has become a legendary figure for us. Her dedication to singing made her earn a net worth of $5 million. 

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