Jonathan Harris Net Worth: How Rich Was the American Actor?

Jonathon Harris net worth

For an average American sci-fi fan, Jonathan Harris is more than just an actor. He is an icon and a cult hero for legions of sci-fi fans. 

Jonathan Harris Net Worth: $2–5 million

Even after his death, he remains in the hearts of millions of people.

However, in this article, I’m going to discuss other parts of the actor: his wealth and net worth, how much he made, how he made money, his early life, family, career, and more.

Birth NameJonathan Charasuchin
Net Worth$2-5 million (Estimated)
Height5′ 11″ (1.80 m)
Place Of BirthBronx, New York City
MoviesHubert’s Brain, Toy Story 2, A Bug’s Life, Happily Ever After, Botany Bay, Once Upon a Dead Man, Catch Me if You Can
TV ShowsLost in Space, Space Academy, The Bill Dana Show, Channel Umptee-3, Uncle Croc’s Block, Battlestar Galactica, Problem Child, Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light
About Jonathan Harris

Short Summary

  1. Jonathan Harris was worth an estimated $2–5 million.
  2. He is an icon and a cult hero for legions of sci-fi fans.
  3. He hated his birth name, “Charasuchin”. Kids used to make fun of him, and he was just pissed about it. So, he changed his birth name.

What was Jonathan Harris net worth?

Jonathan was a very successful artist. So, anybody can guess that he was a wealthy fellow in his time.

His net worth was estimated at $2-5 million.

Source of IncomeTV Acting, Voice acting
Other Sources of incomeDrama teacher and Vocal coach
Total LiabilitiesNo Liabilities
HouseOwned his own house
Total Asset ValueUnverified
(Source: Forbes, Business Insider)/Networth Rant

Early Life, Education, Family, and Biography

Jonathan’s life was indeed an eventful one.

Born on November 6, 1914, in the Bronx, New York City, Jonathan Harris was the second son of Sam and Jennie Charasuchin (Russian-Jewish immigrants).

Truth be told, he did not have a luxurious childhood. Both of his parents had to work hard to make ends meet.

Even though they had very little money for luxuries, Jonathan’s father did his best to develop Jonathan’s cultural horizons by taking him to Yiddish theater and listening to opera on the dining room radio.

He was also interested in Broadway theater. All of these things probably paved the way for Jonathan to become an actor in the future.

He hated his birth name, “Charasuchin”. Kids used to make fun of him, and he was just pissed about it.

So, he decided to change his name legally, which did not go well with his father.

Even though his dad was against it, he eventually changed his name from “Charasuchin” to “Harris” before entering college

He had a degree in pharmacology from Fordham University. In 1936, he graduated and worked in various drugstores. 

But in the end, his love for acting took him in a different direction.

Jonathan Harris’ Acting Career and Its Contribution to His Net Worth

Jonathan Harris had a magnificent career. With more than 500 television and film appearances, he cemented his legacy with his amazing acting skills.

Jonathon Harris' acting Career

He was an eloquent and gifted actor who will always be remembered for his role as Dr. Zachary Smith in the 1960s science-fiction series Lost in Space.

His role as the accountant Bradford Webster in the television version of The Third Man is also admired by many people.

In the late 90’s, he provided voices in animated movies like A Bug Life and Toy Story 2.

So basically, he had success in almost everything he touched.

And that made us easily conclude that his net worth mostly came from his career success.


On November 3, 2002, Harris died of a blood clot in the heart. Three days before his birthday, he passed away and left many of his fans heartbroken.

What happened to Jonathan Harris?

Jonathan Harris, the esteemed American character actor known for portraying Dr. Zachary Smith in “Lost in Space,” succumbed to a heart-related blood clot on November 3, 2002, just three days shy of his 88th birthday. Hollywood witnessed his prolific career, with Harris appearing in over 500 television and film productions, showcasing his versatile talents. Additionally, his voice resonated across animated shows and video games as he brought life to numerous characters.

Following his passing, Harris found his final resting place at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles. His enduring legacy continues to captivate fans of “Lost in Space” and television enthusiasts alike, solidifying his significant impact on the entertainment industry.

Jonathan Harris Quotes

“I’m not British, just affected.”

– Jonathan Harris

Final Thoughts


If there is one word that can define Jonathan Harris and his acting, then this is it. He truly was talented, level-headed, and respected among his colleagues. For that, he will always be remembered and loved.

In his colorful career, he accumulated an estimated net worth of $2-5 million.

FAQs about Jonathan Harris’ Worth

How old was Jonathan Harris when he was on Lost in Space?

Jonathan Harris was 51 when he was acting on Lost in Space.

How tall was Jonathan Harris?

Jonathan Harris was 5′ 11″ (1.80 m) long.

What is Jonathan Harris known for?

He was best known for his role as the arrogant Dr. Zachary Smith in “Lost in Space.”

What movies was Jonathan Harris in?

Jonathan Harris appeared in almost 500 TV series. But his most famous works are:
1. Lost in Space (1965–1968)
2. The Third Man (1959)
3. The Sundowners (1960)

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