Will Geer Net Worth: How Rich Was the Grandpa Walton?

Will Geer Net Worth

Will Geer net worth is around $5 million. He was an actor, a musician, and a social reformer. His role as Zebulon Walton earned him an iconic name until his passing. He was involved in various social and political roles. We will explore more about his net worth here.

Will Geer’s Net Worth: $5 million

Full nameWilliam Aughe Ghere (Will Geer)
Net worth$5 Million
Source of wealthActing and Music 
Age76 (Age at the time of his death)
Last Update$5 Million
About Will Gear and his wealth


  1. Will Geer was estimated to be worth $5 million.
  2. He was a passionate social activist who fought for the rights of working people and other marginalized groups.
  3. He was a dedicated environmentalist, a talented musician, and a singer.
  4. Will Geer was famous for his Grandpa role and was widely known as Grandpa Walton.

Who Is Will Geer?

Will Geer is a TV star and a multimillionaire among TV actors. Will Geer was born in Frankfort, Indiana, United States. His grandfather is a famous tree expert. He was very close to him during his childhood. He became famous for playing the grandpa role on The Waltons

Will Geer as a grandpa role in CBS's The Walton series

Furthermore, he also got a nomination for an Emmy Award for his role in the series. Then he continues to become an active social person.

What is Will Geer famous for?

He is best known for his role as Grandpa Zebulon Tyler Walton on the CBS television series The Waltons (1971–1979). His role as Grandpa Walton on the long-running television series The Waltons made him a household name and a beloved icon.

Geer was also a vocal advocate for social justice and environmental causes.

How Much is Will Geer Worth?

How Much is Will Geer Worth?

Will Geer’s estimated net worth is $5 million. By profession, he was a TV actor, musician, and political activist. His main earnings were coming from there. 

His lifestyle is unknown, but he lived a luxurious lifestyle. He has two vacation houses in Connecticut and California. He has a theater in California.

Furthermore, he could be more open about wealth and assets, so there is less information about his net worth. But his income mostly comes from his acting and other political activities.

Will Geer’s Career and How It Impacted His Net Worth

He started his career by doing tent shows. He becomes involved in documentaries. After that, he became involved in theater. In 1930, he started his singing career. Then he gradually tried to involve himself in acting. 

Will Geer acting career

Will Geer became famous for his role in the ‘The Waltons’ series. In the meantime, he also gets himself into politics. 

At the age of 76, he died.


In the 1930s, Geer became involved in the labor movement and other social causes. He was blacklisted during the McCarthy era for refusing to cooperate with the House Un-American Activities Committee.

The blacklisting of Geer started in 1950 because he didn’t want to speak before the House Un-American Activities Committee. 

After that, he had relatively limited film roles for several years. Salt of the Earth was his next film after being blacklisted. It was a pro-union account of a strike by New Mexico miners. Because of the film’s labeling as “subversive,” it had difficulty getting made and aired.

Early Life and Will Geer Biography

Will Geer was born in Indiana. His father was a postal worker. His father left his family at an early age. He was very close to his grandfather. His grandfather influenced him to become a botanist. He got his master’s degree in botany from the University of Chicago.

He was married to Herta Ware. They had three children together. In 1954, they separated. He was dating Harry Hay until his last time. 

In 1975, he received an Emmy Award for his role in The Waltons.

Will Geer Theatricum

Actor Will Geer founded the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in 1951, establishing a renowned outdoor theater in Topanga Canyon, California. The theater, situated on a 21-acre site with an organic garden, combines classic and contemporary plays in a unique, natural setting. 

Geer founded theater, which became the palace where actors could perform classical and contemporary plays in a natural setting. The theater is still in operation today and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Topanga Canyon. It is known for vibrant performances and educational programs, making it a cultural and socially conscious hub in the world of outdoor theater.

Final Thoughts on Will Geer Net Worth

Will Geer has a strong personality. He becomes blacklisted, but never looks back and regrets what he has done. He continues his work. 

His net worth is now $5 million. He entertained people until his last breath. He died at the age of 76 from cancer. His ashes were buried at the Theatricum Botanicum in California. His family recited a poem during his last visit.

Frequently Asked Together

How old was Will Geer when he died?

Will Geer died on April 22, 1978, at the age of 76.

What awards has Will Geer been nominated for?

Will Geer was nominated for a Tony Award in 1964 for Best Featured Actor in a Musical for his role in “110 In The Shade”.

How many Broadway shows will Geer be in?

We haven’t found any information on how many Broadway shows Will Geer has been in. However, he was cast as “Slim” in the Broadway play version of John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” in 1939.

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