Jason Shurka Net Worth (2024): How He Made His $21 Million Empire?

Jason Shurka Net Worth

Jason Shukra has a net worth is $21 million. He achieved a growing net worth by publishing books, investing in real estate, influencing people on YouTube, and so on. Although he is often known as a professional coach.

Jashon Shurka Net Worth: $21 million

Full NameJason Yosef Shurka
Net worth$21 million
Source of wealthSpeaker, coach, author, entrepreneur, YouTuber
Age26 years
Nationality American
Last Update2024
About Jashon Shurka


  1. Jason Shurka makes money from coaching, speaking, book royalties, and YouTube.
  2. He is the founder of UNIFYD Healing.
  3. Jason Shurka’s most famous book is Forming the Formless: Accessing and Elevating Your Spirit and Soul.

Who Is Jason Shurka? 

Jason Shurka is a teacher of spiritual well-being. He teaches people how they can overcome their physical and emotional blockages and showcase their abilities. He is also a speaker, author, YouTuber, and investor in real estate. 

What Is Jason Shurka Net Worth?

Jason Shukra’s net worth is $21 million. As he was a speaker, coach, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and author, he had a growing net worth for many years. His house, cars, and investments are also a part of his net worth.

Sources of Income: How Does Jason Shurka Make Money?

Jason Shurka makes money by performing in the online community, publishing books, investing in real estate, influencing people, and so on. 

Assets: What Does Jason Shurka Own? 

Jason Shurka owns UNIFYD Healing and UNIFYD TV. Also, his assets include his house, cars, and many real estate investments. 

How Does He Spend His Money? 

Being an entrepreneur, author, and coach, Jason Shukra earns a lot which makes him able to lead a lavish lifestyle. He built a house and bought cars. 

Also, he spends his money on growing more to earn recognition in his career. 

Year Over Year Income And Net Worth Growth of Jason Shurka

This table illustrates how Jason’s net worth grew to $21 million in a record time.

YearNet Worth
2019$19 million
2020$19.5 million
2021$20 million
2022$20.5 million
2023$21 million

Overall Net Worth Of Jason Shurka

So, the overall net worth of Jason Shurka is $21 million. His published books and guidance on life have given him a good source to earn fame and wealth. 

Jason Shruka’s Career

The famous author, Jason Shurka started his career from being a member of the Signature Investment Group as a Financial Analyst. Then he was hired as an Acquisition and Planning Associate. Afterward, Jason became the Vice President of the Signature Investment Group. Alongside, he was an agent for Real Estate and specialized in leasing and sales in his city. 

Later on, in 2020, Jason formed an online community, named the “Academy Of Divine Knowledge“. In the same year, he was signed for a document, “The Pyramid Code” and got popular after it. Now Shurka is appearing on TV shows and shares topics on TLS and other motivating factors. 

Early Life and Jason Shurka Bio

On 26 June 1997, Jason Shurka was born in Port Washington, New York. He achieved his bachelor’s degree and real estate degree from Baruch College. Besides, he used to do a part-time job in his college. 

Right now, Jason Shukra is not married or dating anyone. He is completely focused on his career. 

Jason Shurka Books

The author is famous for his books which carry deep meaning. Some of his famous books are: 

  • “The Pyramid Code- Unlocking the Mysticism and History of the Pyramids”.
  • “Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming Into the Future”.
  • “Rays of Knowledge: Sacred Knowledge Revealed”.

Social Presence

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Final Thoughts: How Much Is Jason Shurka Worth?

After a lot of coaching programs, workshops, YouTube videos, publishing books, and investing in real estate, Jason Shurka’s net worth has reached $21 million. His house cars, investments, and earnings are the holders of his net worth.

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