Scam or Legit? Paul McComas Net Worth Analysis

Paul Mccomas net worth

Paul McComas Real Estate is a viral personality in the internet world. We discover that most people who go viral on the net are faking, but not Paul.

According to our research Paul McComas’ net worth, which surprised everyone in no time, is $26.5 million.

Paul McComas Net Worth: $26.5 million

He achieved success in just 4 years! Imagine that! Today, I have presented the details of Paul’s life and incredible journey.

Full NamePaul Raymond McComas
Net Worth $26.5 million
Source of WealthWholesaling Real Estate
Age37 years
DeathPassed away on Tuesday, August 30, 2022
Last Update2024
About Paul Raymond McComas

In Essence

  • Paul McComas was a controversial social media influencer.
  • He is worth around $26.5 million.
  • Paul McComas makes money through real estate investment, wholesaling, and TikTok channels.

Who Is Paul McComas Real Estate?

Paul McComas, just a fake TikToker? No, he was an invincible young man from a family below the poverty line. But through willpower, he achieved incredible success.

The bearded, curly-haired entrepreneur mostly known for real estate wholesaling, became famous for his personal finance advice on TikTok. 

He was-

  • TikToker
  • Real Estate Wholesaler
  • Real Estate Investor

The most popular platform for Paul McComas was his Tiktok Channel.

Early Life and Biography of Paul McComas

Paul Raymond McComas was a 37-year-old man born in a small town in Ohio in 1985.

At the beginning of his career, he worked as a cook, car mechanic, and state-tested nurse aide (STNA).

Later, after moving to Mississippi, he began working at a dealership. There, he first encountered wholesale and achieved success through wholesale for the rest of his life, bringing him to the World Court. He had 6 children, and his wife was pregnant at the time of his death.

Paul McComas tragically passed away on August 30, 2022, due to severe injuries he suffered in a car accident.

What Is Paul McComas’ Net Worth?

He made his considerable income through real estate wholesale. Also, he had more than a million followers on his TikTok channel. He used to spend his income mainly on his family. 

But the most exciting thing that has surprised people is his success in such a short period; his net worth was $26.5 million before his death. If he had lived, he might have become a billionaire.

Following are the sources of Paul McComas’ net worth-

  • Real Estate Wholesale
  • Real Estate Investment
  • TikTok channel

Paul McComas Career

After graduating from high school, Paul began working as a cook at Long John Silver’s and Wendy’s.

After that, he trained as a mechanic and sold used automobiles for a profit. In Ohio, he earned his certification as a state-tested nurse aide (STNA) and began working in a veterans’ nursing home.

He relocated to Mississippi and began employment at a dealership, where he first discovered wholesale. He spent the rest of his life successfully working in real estate wholesale.

Is Paul McComas real?

Many people are skeptical if Paul McComas is legit. However, our research suggests he is real and legit. Despite controversy out there, he is pretty legit.

Paul Raymond McComas Quotes

Popular quotes from Paul Raymond McComas are-

  1. “I figured it would be fun to show the world you can be self-made and not live your life making someone else rich.”- Paul McComas
  2. “Most people are too scared to change their own lives.”- Paul McComas

Life Lesson from Paul Raymond McComas

What are Paul’s famous life lessons about wholesaling? I have summarized the most important takeaways from his speech below:

  • Don’t consider wholesale trading a pastime. You must conduct it like a business if you hope to succeed. It involves consistently putting in time and effort.
  • Never give up. You’ll experience discouragement from time to time, but it’s crucial to stay positive. (He described how it took him six months after starting his wholesale business before he closed his first deal.)
  • Maintain a positive outlook. You’ll be more driven and laser-focused if you have a positive attitude. (Paul claimed he might receive a $50,000 assignment fee on the following call even when he didn’t see results immediately, which kept him motivated and upbeat.)

New to wholesaling? Check out Paul’s advice here-

Final Words on Paul Raymond McComas

As we can see from Paul’s life, he had indomitable courage. He left behind all the wrong words during his lifetime and rapidly became successful. 

You can get more details from his personal website and TikTok channel. Above all, Paul would be an excellent example for the world’s people in his short life.

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