Lewis Hamilton’s stylish outfit grabs attention: Burberry Ensemble Worth $4,000

Lewis Hamilton's stylish outfit grabs attention Burberry Ensemble Worth 4,000

Formula 1’s seven-time champion, Lewis Hamilton, didn’t just make headlines for his achievements on the track this season; the British racing icon turned heads with a striking houndstooth ensemble from Burberry, proudly displaying the fashion house’s signature style at a press conference preceding the FIA’s annual awards ceremony.

Hamilton’s fashion choices included a hooded hounds tooth jacket priced at $2,350 and matching slouchy trousers worth $1,650–$4,000 in total. The British driver, known for his bold style both on and off the track, showcased the latest collection by Daniel Lee, Burberry’s creative director since September 2022.

Despite finishing third overall in the F1 season, Hamilton didn’t hold back when addressing Formula One’s governing body during the press conference. He criticized what he deemed “unacceptable” treatment of Toto and Susie Wolff. In addition to his outspoken comments, Hamilton made a style statement with his distinctive Burberry outfit.

Daniel Lee’s second collection for Burberry features a blend of edgy streetwear silhouettes with classic patterns. The hound’s tooth pattern, popularized by iconic fashion houses like Chanel and Christian Dior, takes on a contemporary twist under Lee’s creative direction. Notably, the designer’s first collection included a trippy, warped version of the traditional hounds tooth pattern.

Hamilton, who is considered one of the best-dressed figures in motorsport, has a penchant for bold fashion choices. He often supports labels from his home country, and his recent Burberry ensemble reflects both a nod to tradition and a modern, fashion-forward approach.

The British racing star, at 37, continues to be a trendsetter, not just on the racetrack but also in the world of high fashion. His $4,000 Burberry look adds another layer to his legacy as a driver with style both behind the wheel and in front of the camera.

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